We use modern technologies, but each product is hand finished

2D and 3D embossing

We have a large base of our own 2D stamps, but it is also possible to order a stencil with a selected pattern or a company logo. 3D embossing is an innovative method and allows for obtaining a unique finish effect.

Laser and plotter

The precision technique of cutting out any patterns on the surface of leather and materials. Application of the company logo on metal elements.

Imprints: transfer, UV, serigraphy, solvent

Using of various imprinting techniques on leather and materials from which bags, belts and wallets are made allows for transferring graphics or patterns from clothes onto accessories and creating a uniform collection.


We offer embroidery to be made even on thick hides; embroidery may be flat or raised, with a 3D effect. A broad rage of thread colours. On special request embroidery and various types of plaits may be hand made.

Washing of leather and ready made leather articles

As one of the first European manufacturers we have elaborated Washing methods for leather and finished articles. This technology allows for obtaining a “vintage” appearance on a production scale, at the same time making each product of the series unique.

Washing and proofing of materials

Proofing of material allows for making them more resistant and waterproof, but also giving them an original “technical” look. Washing of materials includes both the process of delicate softening as well as hard washing out to obtain the intended used effect.

Hand waxing with natural colouring waxes

Use of natural waxes in various colours allows for obtaining a perfect surface of natural leather or giving it a “vintage” look.